Sugar Business

199,89 Rai

(31,983.68 Hectares)

Sugarcane plantation

23,000 Tons/day

Crushing Unit

10,253 Contracts

Contract Framer

1,798,507 Tons

(Sugar: 224,200 Tons)

Cane Crushed 2018/19


Sugarcane is one of Thailand top agricultural crops with the current cultivated areas of over 1.76 million hectares and 130 million tons of cane crushed, producing over 14 million tons of sugar. Thailand is the world second largest sugar exporting countries after Brazil. Cane and sugar industry generates approximately 300 billion baht to the country economy each year.

As an important Thailand’s Agri-industrial crop, sugarcane was traditionally used to produce only sugar. Presently, cane plays bigger role as an energy crop as raw material for ethanol and electricity production. Besides, byproducts from sugar production are also used to produce fertilizer, bio-degradable packaging and other bio-products.

Located in the northeast of Thailand, the country main sugarcane belt, Buriram has a long history in the Northeast cane and sugar industry. The factory started its business in 1964 under the name “Saha-Thai-Rung-Reung Sugar Factory” with its initial registered capital of 2MB and its crushing capacity of 3,003 ton/day and has gradually expanded to the current 23,000 ton/day.

Brown Sugar

  • Brown Sugar 500g Per Package
  • Brown Sugar 1kg Per Package
  • 500g Brown Sugar Package in 25 kg sack.
  • 1kg Brown Sugar Package in 25 kg sack.
  • 1 kg Brown Sugar in 50 kg sack.
  • Brown Sugar in 50 kg sack (Export)
  • Raw Sugar in Bulk (Export)