Key Brand Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

Key Brand Fertilizer Company Limited ("KBF") was established in 2011 with paid-up registered capital in amount of 15 Million Baht in which BRR currently holds 99.99% of total shares. KBF conducts the production of organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers by using filter cakes as the main raw material, which is by-product of sugar production process, mixed with the ingredients of chemical fertilizers. KBF started the production and distribution on December 2012 with production capacity of 30,000 tons per annum. Throughout the years, KBF has developed the variety of fertilizers;

Therefore, KBF currently produces 3 types of fertilizers which are granulated organic fertilizers, powdered organic fertilizers and granulated chemical fertilizers, and distributes to BRD in order to support the sugarcane farmers to apply these fertilizers for soil adjustment and nutrition consequently to generate more crop yield and higher quality of sugarcanes. In 2017, KBF has expanded its existing market to new markets for distributing the fertilizers to be applied to important economic field crops such as rubbers, cassava, melons, and vegetable plants, etc. Thus, KBF has planned to distribute its products named "Pla Bin" for granulated organic fertilizers, powdered organic fertilizers, organic-chemical fertilizers and liquid fertilizer in 2018.

Policy on Quality

Determined to produce quality fertilizer to satisfy clients’ need and to continually improve the products and services.


Awarded ISO 9001: 2008 from Bureau Veritas (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (BVQI) on April 1, 2013.


No. 237, Moo 2, Sao-Eh Village, Hin-lek-fai Sub-district, Koo-muang District, Buriram Province 31190

  • Tel: 08-17257341